Can an exemption clause or disclaimer protect you from a liability?

Disclaimers are everywhere – anytime someone is warning you of something or letting you know something for your own good, it’s a disclaimer. Remember when one woman sued McDonald’s for spilling hot coffee on herself and won $2 million? After that the Company upped the disclaimer on their cup – this coffee is SUPER HOT […]

Insuring your business against cyber crime

Last month’s hack at one of SA’s largest insurers has been a wakeup call for many local businesses that have maintained a fairly relaxed approach to cybersecurity. As the biggest SA breach to date, it dominated the headlines, but the reality is that cyber security issues have been creeping up on us for some time, […]

Motor Insurance Tips

Many people find the insurance aspect of securing their vehicle against theft, loss or damage overwhelming as there are so many variations of cover and costs available.  “Without the financial experience of what insurance is all about, a D-I-Y approach is challenging when trying to figure out why the quotes you receive vary so radically […]