This insurance gives compensation for loss of or damage to Household Goods caused by
Insured events. Household Goods must belong to you or be your responsibility and must be used for your own private purposes, including:
1 Goods in your Home and Outbuildings up to the limits shown in the schedule, for example:
1.1 personal belongings (clothes, handbags);
1.2 equipment and appliances (audio-visual, vacuum cleaners, fridges); 1.3 furnishings;
1.4 outdoor and garden items;
1.5 money and other negotiable instruments (cheques), see limit shown in schedule; 1.6 fixtures and fittings that belong to you as the tenant, not the owner of the private home.

2 Business goods, equipment and stock in trade up to the limit shown in the schedule in any 12 (twelve) month period. These goods, equipment and stock in trade must be kept inside the Home and Outbuildings.
Examples include:
2.1 computers, laptops, printers, scanners and software;
2.2 office furniture.

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