Will insurance pay claims for a landslide?

A recent incident where almost 30 families in Mosselbay had to evacuate their houses after land foundations shifted, has raised awareness about whether this type of damage is typically covered by insurance policies. Most insurance policies provide limited or no cover for subsidence, landslip or ground heave unless it is specifically requested beforehand and the […]

How does a water-saving mindset reduce your insurance risk?

Leaks that go undetected over time, particularly in areas where dolomite is present, can cause major damage, such as sinkholes. “Insurers may repudiate claims – big or small – for any damage in this case, as repairing leaks are considered to be part of home maintenance in order to remain covered,” . “Undetected leaks anywhere […]

Vehicle insurance: Who’s the regular driver of your car and why it matters

So often vehicle insurance, life policies or even educational policies are taken out to secure our future. Yet, so many customers do not read the fine print. It is absolutely imperative that those long-paged documents are actually read and understood. It’s a situation many of us are all too familiar with. You choose to upgrade […]