Protect your credit card from cybercrime on the dark web

The dark web, currently hosting tens of thousands of listings for a variety of illicit goods and services has finally come to the attention of the South African market. As a place where users can anonymously purchase credentials to stolen credit card data, the dark web has put a target on every South African citizen owning […]

The need-to-know details of cybercrime and cyberinsurance

posted 9 Nov 2017, 06:34 by Melvin Hoods With attacks like WannaCry and Petya infecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, many are calling this the Year of Ransomware. Its increased level of threat sophistication and maturity clearly show that even though traditional methods of data protection are essential, they are no longer sufficient. Many […]

Airbnb and insurance, it’s not what you think

The benefits of using Airbnb to let property are myriad but many homeowners and their brokers don’t consider the insurance implications of using this hospitality service. The average South African homeowner rents his or her home on Airbnb for 16 days per annum and earns R28 000 from this service, according to Airbnb statistics; Airbnb […]