Proving ownership not easy

Proving ownership of household items when claiming from your insurer is not as easy as it may seem.  Often the insured has not drawn up a proper inventory of all of his or her household possessions prior to submitting a claim or even prior to the inception of cover with their insurer. Many consumers are […]

Insurance risks regarding fire

Over the past few weeks devastating fires have swept across areas in and around Cape Town, creating severe damage to properties. With firefighters still trying to get many of the blazes under control, people who live in the affected areas are at risk of suffering huge financial losses as the infernos advance closer to residential […]

Your rights and responsibilities following a road traffic accident

Each year thousands of South African road users fall victim to road traffic accidents. The consequences of these accidents vary greatly – if you are lucky you may walk away unscathed and only face the cost of repairs to your motor vehicle and other damaged assets – those less fortunate could face serious injuries accompanied […]