Insurance risks regarding fire

Over the past few weeks devastating fires have swept across areas in and around Cape Town, creating severe damage to properties. With firefighters still trying to get many of the blazes under control, people who live in the affected areas are at risk of suffering huge financial losses as the infernos advance closer to residential […]

Insurance and load-shedding: what you need to know

With load-shedding on the menu again, we could be in for an interesting few weeks – particularly as far as our appliances are concerned. That’s the warning from Wynand van Vuuren, client experience partner at King Price, who says TV sets, fridges and computers are at particular risk of being damaged by power surges, which […]

Why Cyber Insurance should be first priority for SMEs

According to the global Cyber Exposure Index, South Africa currently has the sixth highest average exposure to cybercrime, with businesses in the industrial and financial sectors being the most commonly targeted by cybercrime attacks. In fact, a global report by the Ponemon Institute has revealed that around 61% of small businesses experienced a cyber-attack in […]