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With load-shedding on the menu again, we could be in for an interesting few weeks – particularly as far as our appliances are concerned.

That’s the warning from Wynand van Vuuren, client experience partner at King Price, who says TV sets, fridges and computers are at particular risk of being damaged by power surges, which often occur when Eskom puts the power back on after a period of load-shedding.

“It’s worth installing surge protectors and UPS (uninterruptable power supply) systems in your house, especially for your most valuable appliances,” says Van Vuuren. “A UPS allows you to shut your appliances down properly when the power goes off, and stops power surges from destroying your pride and joy, like that brand-new 55 inch TV screen in your living room.”

It’s also important to check your house contents insurance to see if you’re covered for damage from power surges, says Van Vuuren. In general, damage to appliances from a power surge that results from load shedding should not be claimed from your insurance company, but from your municipality. However, you can often claim for losses related to the contents of your fridge and freezer from your insurer, depending on the terms of your policy.

Finally, it’s worth checking that your back-up batteries for your alarm system, electric fence and electric gate are in tip-top condition. “You don’t want to be left exposed when the lights go out,” says Van Vuuren.

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