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Tips for school children by ADT

With schools opening and many children already at orientation sessions, it is a time of excitement and anxiety for kids and more likely parents.

Now is the perfect time to revisit some back to school safety and security advice for the year ahead.

For parents of older children these tips may come as common sense, but some parents may need to have a frank discussion with their young children to help both parents and child feel more at ease.

Here are a few quick tips you can discuss with your child:

  • No matter what, your child should not get a lift from anyone (even people they know) unless they have permission directly from their parents
  • Where possible children should wait inside the school grounds and in a group instead of outside in the street
  • Always keep cell phones and other valuable items including bags safely hidden away or on the child’s person
  • If your child walks home, they should never take a shortcut or deviate from the route they normally take home
  • Children should never speak to anyone on the street no matter how friendly they seem and if someone does grab them, they should kick and scream and make as much fuss as possible

Home safety for school kids:

  • You should teach your children how to use the alarm and panic button, but also help them understand that it is important to keep it activated at all times
  • It is important to create an emergency plan for if something does happen while your child is at home. This can include creating a “safe” room for your child to escape to when in danger that includes a phone and access to the alarm
  • You should keep a list of important telephone numbers where your child can see them easily in an emergency
  • Some remote panic buttons require you to press the button for a few seconds to activate the panic alarm. You should teach your child how to properly use the panic button and when to use it
To all our customers we wish you an amazing year ahead and to all the new school goers we wish you all the best for 2020.
The team at Fidelity ADT

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