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Despite Covid-19 lockdown restrictions largely lifted in South Africa, the threat of a second wave are seeing many South Africans review or even put off plans to travel this holiday season. Add to this lost jobs, reduced incomes and ongoing personal infection concerns and December 2020 is likely to see a lot more South Africans stay at home. On the flip side, for those still employed, less busy roads, uncrowded beaches and restaurants, lower-prices and more readily available accommodation and absence of hordes of international travelers in South Africa’s key tourist destinations might make December 2020 the ideal time to take that long-awaited break.

Whether it’s vacation or staycation this December, from an insurance perspective, South Africans should be aware that each come with their own set of risks. Understanding what these risks are, and taking the time to cover these will, “make the difference between a truly relaxing and re-energising holiday, or a stress-filled silly season capping off a terrible year,” says Christelle Colman, Insurance Expert at Old Mutual Insure.


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