Active Safety Features – your car’s way of protecting you

This article was published in the Insurance Gateway site Today’s modern cars, even the more budget-priced cars, incorporate a number of safety features to protect passengers and reduce the severity of motor accidents, or even to avoid them entirely. In the US for example close to 60 million vehicles are equipped with some sort of […]

Your insurance policy is not a maintenance contract

Your insurance policy is not a maintenance contract 10 November 2021Old Mutual Insure via FA News By Lizo Mnguni, Old Mutual Insure spokesperson All too often consumers assume their insurance policy is a maintenance contract, but this is one of the biggest reasons for claims being rejected by insurers. This is according to Old Mutual […]

Parents: Are you properly covered?

Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure in Cover Magazine 6 May 2021 Parents have so much to think about, especially when it comes to essentials like savings for the family, healthcare or provisions should something bad like a dread disease happen. There are many aspects of modern family living that require thorough […]

What To Look for in Business Insurance

What To Look for in Insurance NB This is a USA article by Family Handyman but equally relevant to South Africa businesses. As a busy small business owner or independent contractor, you know that you need insurance. Having insurance protects your business if anything should go wrong, and in many states you can’t even get a business license […]

Why your insurance premiums don’t decline as your car gets older?

By: Nu Gen Although it may seem logical that, as a vehicle’s value depreciates over time, theinsurance premium should follow suit, this is rarely the case. Far from beingunfair on policyholders, there are a couple of reasons why a decrease ininsurance premiums is not necessarily possible.Depreciation means the value of an item decreases over time. […]

Insurance 101

09 February 2021Aon South Africa Mandy Barrett of Aon South Africa Taking out insurance of any kind is not an undertaking that should be taken lightly. After all, making sure that your most hard-earned possessions are covered in the event of accidental damage or loss is no small matter. Many people try and navigate their […]

What types of specialty cover for personal insurance needs should you consider?

22 August 2019Elite Risk Acceptances Christelle Colman, Managing Director of Elite Risk Acceptances Tips from an industry expert When it comes to short-term insurance, most people know the basics of home and motor insurance, but this is just the tip of the “insurance iceberg”. The truth is, there are a number of other more nuanced […]

Renting out your home on Airbnb or driving for Uber?

10 December 2020Aon South Africa Mandy Barrett of Insurance Brokerage and Risk Advisors at Aon South Africa Insurance Implications of the Sharing Economy As a growing avenue of added income, many property owners are renting out their homes to locals and foreigners over the holiday season or working as an Uber driver in their personal […]

5 Ways to reduce your vehicle insurance premiums

11 November 2020 By: Santam 2020 is a tough year and many people are looking for ways to decrease their expenses. Good news is that, with many people now working from home and commuting less, you may be able to negotiate a better rate on car insurance. South Africa’s leading general insurer, Santam, says consumers […]

Will it be vacation or staycation this festive season?

Despite Covid-19 lockdown restrictions largely lifted in South Africa, the threat of a second wave are seeing many South Africans review or even put off plans to travel this holiday season. Add to this lost jobs, reduced incomes and ongoing personal infection concerns and December 2020 is likely to see a lot more South Africans […]