Toyota Vehicle Security System Upgrades

Article by Hollard – Dec 2022 In response to the rising vehicle theft cases seen both locally and globally, Toyota South Africa have developed upgrades to the vehicle security system on certain key models. These upgrades are deemed to have a significant impact in the reduction of vehicle theft cases. The upgrades will be applicable to certain […]

Tips to avoid vehicle theft – by Tracker

Tracker’s latest Vehicle Crime Index covering the period January to June 2022 reveal that incident volumes have increased to pre-Covid lockdown levels across the country.  Vehicle theft is up 7% nationally by volume with hijackings up 4% over the previous review period. The elevation can partly be attributed to increased vehicle usage following a return […]

Facing Danger – Emergency Preparedness

By Tracker 20 June 2022 As South Africans, we face numerous dangers every day. High up on the list is the possibility of being a victim of crime, either at home or on the road, or being involved in a car accident. Other traumatic events can include being caught up in a violent protest, a […]

Load shedding Tips from Discover Insure

Loadshedding has become a part of the daily lives of South Africans all over the country. In 2022, we had 960 hours of national loadshedding* and recently reached stage 6, further increasing outages. With increased loadshedding comes a bigger chance of electrical faults that lead to power surges, overloading and shorting electrical appliances. In the […]

Explaining terms commonly used in insurance

By Insurance Gateway Making better decisions about your risk and insurance starts with having a clear understanding of the common terms and definitions used in your insurance policy. In its absence, many individuals may only discover a specific exclusion or condition of cover at claims stage which may adversely affect the outcome of a claim.  […]

Active Safety Features – your car’s way of protecting you

This article was published in the Insurance Gateway site Today’s modern cars, even the more budget-priced cars, incorporate a number of safety features to protect passengers and reduce the severity of motor accidents, or even to avoid them entirely. In the US for example close to 60 million vehicles are equipped with some sort of […]

Your insurance policy is not a maintenance contract

Your insurance policy is not a maintenance contract 10 November 2021Old Mutual Insure via FA News By Lizo Mnguni, Old Mutual Insure spokesperson All too often consumers assume their insurance policy is a maintenance contract, but this is one of the biggest reasons for claims being rejected by insurers. This is according to Old Mutual […]

Insurance cover if your driver’s licence expired

by Paul Kruger of (Moonstone)on 30 August 2021 How will insurers treat motor vehicle claims where the insured person’s driver’s licence has expired after 31 August 2021? The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) says that drivers can take comfort in the fact that an insurer will not automatically reject a claim where a licence has expired. This matter […]

Deadline approaches for driver licence renewals in South Africa

Staff Writer28 July 2021  Top of Form The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has urged motorists to renew their licences before the grace period deadline at the end of August. The national lockdown imposed on the country last year forced licencing centres to close, resulting in a backlog of expired licences. Transport minister Fikile Mbalula subsequently […]