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Motor Theft/Hijacking

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Motor Theft/Hijacking #

      1. Alert tracking company as soon as practically possible of theft/hijacking if vehicle was fitted with a tracking device.
      2. Report immediately to the nearest police station, but not later than 24 hours
      3. Report immediately to MJD, but not later than 7 days
      4. Truck theft/hijacking claims must be reported to MJD the same day so that we can inform insurers accordingly as they sometimes also assist with the tracking and recovery of the stolen/hijacked vehicle
      5. A reasonable waiting period of approximately two weeks is observed, in case the vehicle is recovered in this period, before settlement is made
      6. Submit the following documents to MJD within 14 days:
        • Completed motor theft/hijacking claim form
        • Copy of statement made to the police
        • Settlement letter from the finance house if the vehicle was subject to a finance agreement
        • Cancellation of registration certificate
        • Tracking/gearlock certificate if applicable
        • Spare keys, remotes, gearlock keys and immobilizer units must be handed in to insurers.
      7. If the vehicle is recovered and had already been de-registered, then the following documents is required:
        • Police clearance certificate – must be done by owner of the vehicle.
        • New VIN and/or engine number, if these have been filed off by the hijackers, either issued by SAPS or by the manufacturer.
        • Quote for repairs to damage caused by the thieved/hi-jackers
        • New roadworthy certificate and re-registration certificate issued by the licensing authorities.
        • The license fees and roadworthy would normally be paid by the insurance company
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