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Portable Electronic Insurance

Portable Electronic Insurance #

By including equipment like laptops under the BAR section the following limitations applicable to the Electronic Equipment (EE) section would not apply;

a.         by theft or by disappearance of the property insured unless accompanied by forcible and violent entry into or exit (or any attempt thereat) from that part of the building occupied by You at Your premises described in the schedule or as a result of theft or any attempt thereat, following violence or threat of violence

b.         of the property insured by theft during transit or whilst temporarily removed from Your premises unless identifiable by You with a specific incident which has been immediately reported to the police and Us.

Furthermore; We shall not indemnify You for the theft of the property insured from any motor vehicle where the property insured has been 

i.       left in the motor vehicle overnight unless the vehicle is housed in a securely locked building and entry to such vehicle or building is accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit

ii.     contained in a compartment of the motor vehicle and is visible to passersby. 

When laptops are added to this section, they are still subject to the following;

Specific exceptions

We shall not be liable for:

1. loss of or damage to property resulting from or caused by

a.         theft from any unattended vehicle in Your custody or control or any principal, partner, director or employee of Yours unless the property is contained in a concealed compartment and securely locked vehicle or the vehicle itself is housed in a securely locked building and entry to or exit from such locked vehicle or building is accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit

However, under the BAR section we have provided an Optional Extension at an additional cost

Optional Extension – Cover for Theft from Vehicle by Remote Jamming (if stated in the Schedule to be Included)

Notwithstanding 1. a of the Specific Exceptions in the Policy, should the Insured suffer a loss of a Specified Business All Risk Item as a result of the Jamming of the Vehicles locking system, so that it is unable to engage the locking mechanism despite the Insureds attempted activation thereof, and the Insured has taken the Optional Extension Cover for Theft from Vehicle by Remote Jamming,  then the company shall provide the Insured with limited cover of 50% of the actual value of the Specified Item up to a limit of R10,000 any one item and R20,000 any one claim subject to the Insured reporting the theft to the Police and providing the company with a Police reference.

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