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Special Type Vehicles/Plant

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Special Type Vehicles/Plant #

Special Type Vehicles/Plant

Road use for Contractors’ plant equipment and or special type vehicles if not licensed for use on a public road.
Cannot go on the Motor covers

If items of plant are able to move under their own power, e.g. a mobile crane, then it should be registered for road use and therefore insured as a motor risk providing their own road risk liability cover.

If items of plant are not able to move under their own power, then they are either towed behind a vehicle, or loaded onto it. In both of these circumstances the vehicle involved either towing or carrying the plant would have the road risks liability cover. Then not restricted to premises and not Registered.

Both above can be added as Motor cover but it would depend on the item we are insuring the Broker would have to ask questions and refer whether it would be Mobile Plant or Motor.

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